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Why you should go to RED WOK Chinese Vietnamese Cuisine?

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How many times did you struggle this past week figuring out what to have to eat? An excellent restaurant can offer you something more than what you can possibly have in your home. Moreover, everyone can get something different. You know what that means? You can eat from three or four different plates if you’re a member of that kind of group. You can go to Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, or American restaurants.

Home cooking needs a lot of preparation. If you are craving a complete meal composed of appetizers, salads, soup, main dish, desserts, and coffee, dining out will be less tedious. Can you imagine preparing all these for yourself at home? In that case dining out will become your best choice. No market shopping. No need to spend hours in the kitchen. No clean up after the meal. Eating out in a nice restaurant may cost a little more but it saves you time and energy.


Vietnamese restaurant Vero Beach, FL 32960 | RED WOK Chinese Vietnamese Cuisine

Pho - Popular vietnamese food that you should try

Evidently, when people want to discover the essence of a culture, they often study the cuisine, especially the street food and the traditional ones. And, in this way, the best way to understand Vietnam — a friendly and natural rich nation — is to know about its most popular dish a.k.a Pho. If you do not have the chance to fly to Vietnam to taste Vietnamese food, you can try authentic Pho whenever you want in some good Vietnamese restaurants in your country, or you can cook simple yet delicious Pho at home.


Particularly, when referring to Vietnam, it would be a total loss not to mention the most famous Vietnamese cuisine: Pho — a unique kind of vermicelli that comes harmoniously with the salty-sweet broth. Vietnamese cuisine can impress everyone with its variety of noodles, fresh vegetables, delicious greens and complex flavors. You can feel all these elements in a bowl of Pho. Pho is a simple noodle soup made with rice noodles, a delicate bone broth, and topped with chopped green onions. Pho is usually served with a plate of fresh greens and regional herbs including fresh mint, basil, and shaved banana flower.

RED WOK Chinese Vietnamese Cuisine | Vietnamese restaurant 32960
Address: 737 22nd St, Vero Beach, FL 32960, United States
Phone: (772) 226-5618

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